About Spa Emporium

Business owner and operator Phil Hansen has been actively working in the Hot Tub industry since 1983. With over twenty-five years of experience he has seen everything from frozen to over heated spas and nearly all issues in-between. Beginning his career in Arlington, he learned the trade from the ground up. Working for various companies and gaining experience along the way. After moving from Texas in 1990, he soon opened the retail store “Spa Emporium” in Salt Lake City, Utah. For the next 10 years the business thrived and built cliental. In 2000 Phil Hansen decided to close the retail store to dedicate his time and efforts to service/repair, as there was a great need for it in the Salt Lake Valley. Today, Spa Emporium continues to bring you all of your hot tub needs with fast, reliable, and competitively priced services.



Hot Tub

Repairing is what I do!